Excursion destinations here in Carinthia

    In order to meet the wide-ranging expectations of all our guests – from nature lovers and adrenaline junkies to families – our region offers a broad spectrum of excursion opportunities. Here is an overview:

    Fun on the lake: Weissensee or Pressegger See

    Pressegger See – five minutes from Hermagor and lovingly nicknamed the “bathtub of Gailtal” – as well as Weissensee (8 km away) are two of the warmest swimming lakes in Carinthia. At the Kärntner Erlebnispark on Pressegger See, families with children can look forward to an all-inclusive amusement-park experience. Meanwhile, the 6.5 km² Weissensee fascinates with its fjord-like landscapes. Whenever you are in the mood for outdoor refreshment, Carinthia doesn’t only offer boundless opportunities to swim and splash in the water, you can also go rafting and canyoning, canoeing and kayaking, attend dragon-boat regattas and lots, lots more.

    Activities on Presseggersee
    Amusement park on Presseggersee

    Intro to diving in Weissensee

    Those first breaths underwater, moving about in a weightless environment, the colors – all the while knowing you are completely safe, accompanied by an experienced and excellently trained dive instructor from the Yachtdiver crew. After you have finished your personal training, you will receive a certificate to show you have successfully completed an introductory diving course in the purest swimming lake in the Alps, also allowing you to continue your underwater adventures in future. (ages 10 and up!)

    Diving school on Weissensee


    In Gailtal Valley, Carinthia, 2.5 km south of Hermagor near Möderndorf, over the course of history the Garnitzenbach has slowly and steadily cut a gorge into the rock of the Carnic Alps – known as the Garnitzenklamm. On the one hand, the Garnitzenklamm owes its existence to a geological fault zone in the mountains that is less resistant to the power of the flowing water than the surrounding rock formations; on the other, to the glaciers which melted after the last Ice Age, producing powerful rivers that carried vast amounts of rocky debris down into the valley. Which also means, the Garnitzenklamm is roughly 10,000 years old.


    Summer Alpine Slide & Rock Labyrinth

    Enjoy a sense of total holiday freedom thanks to this exciting Alpine slide! With a total length of 1920 meters, this slide drops from the Madritsche (elev. 1919 m) down to the Tressdorfer Alm (1590 m), making it the ultimate summertime HIT! It is easy to use and incredibly good fun. A popular excursion destination at the Nassfeld/ Tressdorfer Alm: NTC Rock Labyrinth and NTC Flying Fox course! Via ferrata climbs, caves, rocky towers! ...swing through the air from tree to tree just like Tarzan, traverse ravines... pure spine-tingling excitement!

    Pendolino Alpine Slide

    Terra Mystica

    Discover a mysterious subterranean world. Your journey through this eerie and legendary underground world begins with a ride down a 68 meters-long miners’ slide (the longest in Europe – visitors may use the stairs or elevator if they prefer). At the bottom, you will then go on foot, followed by a ride on a real mine train – the only one in Carinthia – through the mine tunnels. Deep inside the mountain, visitors are treated to fascinating mystical light & sound shows with water and smoke effects, depicting the creation of the Earth itself as well as the healing powers of Mother Nature. A mine lift – the only one accessible to the general public in all of Austria – brings you to the historical and scientific part of the mine museum which documents 700 years of mining, also home to the world’s oldest miners’-guild flag and the humorous Terra Humoristika caricature museum. The whole mine has a unique microclimate (a constant 9° Celsius) that is therapeutic for the body’s respiratory passages. As an extra highlight just for the kids: a treasure hunt (charged extra), giving the youngsters an opportunity to explore the maze of mine tunnels – equipped with a flashlight – in search of semiprecious stones they can actually take home with them afterwards.

    Terra Mystica

    Kölnbreinsperre; Malta Hochalmstraße

    Malta Hochalmstraße At 1933 m above sea level, you will discover Austria’s highest dam wall – the Kölnbreinsperre. The journey out there is a small adventure in its own right: a drive along the 14.4 km Malta Hochalmstraße, featuring a tunnel through the rock and several switchback turns. The numerous waterfalls alongside the Malta Hochalmstraße also give Maltatal its nickname, the “valley of plunging waters”. Of these, the “Malteiner Wasserspiele” is particularly impressive: The water falls over multiple tiers until it finally hits the magically beautiful “Blue Ponds” far below. The street passes through tunnels that have been hewn out of the natural rock as well as a series of very sharp hairpin bends, making the trip an absolute joy for car drivers and motorcyclists alike. At the two narrowest points, traffic lights guarantee the safety of visitors. You can leave your car on the car park at the end of the road, from where you will easily be able to reach the other attractions on foot.

    Kölnbreinsperre Maltatal

    Minimundus in Klagenfurt

    Minimundus, the small world on Wörthersee, is a place to enjoy, spend time, learn, have fun, see, experience. Some 150 models of famous buildings, trains and ships invite you to journey around the world in miniature. Visit the opera house in Sydney, stroll below the Eiffel Tower, shoot a snapshot of the Taj Mahal, eat an ice cream in front of St. Peter’s, marvel at the Statue of Liberty, and much more. The models are the heart of Minimundus, replicated in detail to a scale of 1:25 and, whenever technically possible, using original materials such as sandstone, basalt and marble. They were manufactured either at the Minimundus workshops or at schools or by skilled model makers. Accurate to the minutest detail, including window shutters, ornamentation, street lanterns etc. The technology displays are especially popular, including various model trains that tour the park, each clocking around 5000 km every year, as well as the Space Shuttle, which takes off in search of whole new worlds once every hour.